Friday, February 7, 2020

Home Post Holidays!

Well, the holidays flew by as quickly as always. An odd year this!  We decided to forego the drive to Baltimore to visit Jim's family for Christmas and having my dad over Christmas Eve, typically. Instead, we planned to smoke a young turkey we got from the Fresh Market for Christmas and have my dad over then. Unfortunately, he became ill and, not sure what to do we ate leftovers. 

You may remember that Christmas was in the middle of the week this time around - we both worked the days before and days after. Although Dad still wasn't feeling well, the turkey wasn't getting any younger, so we decided to make it after work....It did not go well!

The wind dampened the coals, but Jim was finally able to coax them to life and get things into shape. Sweet potatoes were rolled in oil, salt, and pepper, wrapped in foil and tossed in the coals. The turkey - positioned just right! With the Brussel sprouts ready to roast in the broiler with pistachio nuts and dried cranberries, it seemed we were in for a good meal!

NOT! The wind kept Jim at the weber checking and fussing and when I thought the larger-than-normal turkey was nearly done, I put in the sprouts. Nope, turkey not done. Maybe another half hour we guessed? Ok. I set an alarm and rewarmed the sprouts in the toaster oven (my go to for broiling!) accordingly. Meanwhile the poor sweet potatoes were still in the coals...

When we finally brought the turkey in and covered it with foil, the potatoes and Brussel sprouts we burnt. So sad! It was about 10:00 pm then. I tore off a leg, gnawed on it for a while, we looked sadly at each other, shook our heads, packed up the turkey, and went to bed.

Needless to say, I got creative with the turkey leftovers for the next couple of weeks! On the weekend I broke the turkey down, putting one breast in a Ziploc (only a real one will do!) in the fridge and the other in the freezer. The wings went right into my stock parts Ziploc in the freezer and the dark meat in a big Rubbermaid  (sorry - I do still call it Tupperware if it is any consolation!) in the fridge. 

I wanted to make a pot or Shepard's pie, but never did. We had the typical turkey sandwiches (once with avocado and another with bacon!) and turkey noodle soup. The most creative thing we had was turkey cacciatore. That was delicious and a really good use of the dark meat. 

Normally we have some sort of a trip, if only on the weekend, but we stayed close to home last month. I do a good bit of regional traveling for work, which gets me out seeing the sites and stopping here or there for a yummy meal or a varied shopping experience. 

When I see my patient in New Jersey, I always try to see if Agnes' Cafe has any mango (or if not, blueberry) muffins left - they are to die for!  In Cambridge, RAR Brewing has good food too! On Kent Narrows, the Fisherman's Inn has the best calamari - I am always tempted to drink the broth! Cult Classic is definitely worth checking out too, they often have a food truck. 

This is a typical week of traveling for work: 
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