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Hmmm.... I just peeked in on my analytics on Pinterest (something I have never done!) and was shocked to find that most of my followers are interested in Diet & Nutrition and Education!

Shocked why? My primary work is as a vocational counselor and career coach and most of my social media shares center around that, with the goal of increasing that business!

My next mistaken assumption was that my followers were, like myself, overweight, over 50 women - WRONG!  Women, yes, but I was happy to see I have younger followers who are bright enough to be taking care of themselves NOW rather than later. LOVE IT!

I read a lot about diet and nutrition as I have Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and am helping to care for my diabetic father who has also developed some serious gastro issues that haven't quite been resolved.

Because I believe in sharing, I also share what I find so that others can benefit. But, had no idea how many people I am impacting - thank you for following!  I decided to add a Diet & Nutrition page to augment my other writings.

Until now, I haven't shared my personal journey with Diet &  Nutrition - I guess it is high time!

Perhaps we can journey together. I would love to hear from you! Comment below...

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