Friday, February 7, 2020

Best quick fry pork chops

Ok, I have to admit that when I was at the salon recently, my stylist informed me she didn't know I was so "bougie." This after a conversation about our coffee making exploits and my pontificating about the best coffee we can buy locally (Indian River Gourmet Coffee - available online!) and there being no more Deer Park 5 gallon bottles at the Safeway.

Bougie. Humph!  Short for bour·geois (/bo͝orˈZHwä,ˈbo͝orZHwä/)
According to Google: An adjective
  1. "of or characteristic of the middle class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values or conventional attitudes.
    "a rich, bored, bourgeois family""

A compliment, she assured me! I guess it is true - Jim and I have certain brands and minimum standards for a number of things (I more than him I'm afraid!):

Coffee - Indian River if possible, if not then Notting HiIl Coffee in Lewes or Starbucks 
Water - Fiji for small bottles (I try not to for the environment!) and Deer Park for the 5 gallon
Eggs - only Twin Post Farm
Pork - only Elysium Farm
Ziploc - only name brand
Rubbermaid - only name brand
Reynolds wrap - only name brand AND heavy duty wide
Beer - craft IPA, actually there is a pretty healthy list of these! 
Here is where my bourgeois really shines!:
Wine - Bota Box Chardonnay at home, regardless - three ice cubes! 
Chicken - only Perdue bought here in Delaware - elsewhere it tastes "old"
Apple - I drank the "kool-aid"
Staples for office supplies
Food shopping - Lewes Farmers Market Lloyd's Market, and Fresh Market, especially for produce or meat
American, local, thrifted anything if possible! 

I guess that gives you enough of an idea of what Michelle at Coastal Salon is privy to! There may be even more of a list of I would never buy/eat/own, now that I think about it!

We have a small cadre of farmers that meet up here in Lewes on the offseason every other week:

It is a real treat to see these farmers all year-round and get good, well cared for and nourished foods! 

Often we get into trading recipes and talking about odd cuts of meet with Bob, from Elysium Farm - last week we gave him a recipe for Pepper Pot Stew that we most often use turkey in, but thought he might use, oh I don't know, pork? He sold us some quick fry pork chops in return. These chops are quick to fry up and you can almost tell the hogs have been raised by people who hug and pet them! Really, they have pictures on their table:

I decided to use the dutch oven to saute the onions to flavor the pork - as if they didn't have enough! I removed them to add to the sauteed cabbage. Meanwhile, I had some beautiful golden beets roasting in the toaster oven - first whole after rubbing with olive oil, salt, and pepper, then quartered.

Four came in the pack, but I sauteed two at a time.  I found it worked best to put the fatty side in the center and to turn the pan around after about two minutes, since I have an electric stove. It only takes about 4 minutes to brown the first side and that or less for the other. 

When done, I covered them with Reynolds wrap and let it sit in the oven while I sauteed the cabbage, added back the onions and flipped around the beets! Don't forget the salt and pepper - that reminds me, we use Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, which might actually be good for you.

I decided to put some color on the cut sides of the golden beets - they are my favorite vegetable!

I served the chops on the sauteed cabbage and onions, with the beets to the side. I almost toasted some homemade sourdough bread - I only use - her products and methods are less fussy and tastier than others I have tried! In the interest of saving carbs and unsure we could fit it in any way, I held off on the bread. 

You know, I am ok being "bougie." Try it - you'll like it! 

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