Monday, March 4, 2019

Daylight Savings Time - Again? Already?!

For years I have dreaded the time change and employed a variety of techniques to prepare myself for the inevitable!

At least a week before the change - I would start thinking, "At this time next week it will be___."

I would try to get up an hour earlier or later (depending on which time change) a week beforehand.

Have you tried just getting up a little earlier each day? I have.

Waking up at first light instead of the clock - check!

Last year I decided I was not going to give it a thought. I would just change the clocks and go to bed and get up at whatever time the clock said it was.

This didn't really work either. I still hated it! But, at least I didn't torture myself with mental and other gymnastics for a week or more ahead of time.

This is my plan this year. No moaning, no groaning, not before, not after.  It will still not be good.  Leave the clocks alone, already!

How do you feel about #DaylightSavings? Comment Below! 

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