Sunday, July 17, 2016

Historic Lewes Farmer's Market

July 16, 2016

Great Historic Lewes Farmers Market today!  So many good produce is available this time of year. Our first stop is almost always Tommy's stand - he owns Kalmar Farms in Harrington, DE. two large cantaloupes for $5!  We ate one on cottage cheese when we got home.  We don't know everyone by name, but we have our favorites, for sure. 

Another must do is Old World Bakery, where we have a hard time deciding between garlic and olive, usually.  Today we just got the organic sourdough whole wheat. It is "different" and I don't mean that in a bad way.  it is literally like nothing you ever had.

While one of the stand hands, Maggie, and I were discussing the merits of this sour, hearty bread made without yeast, a man tried in vein to interrupt.  I found out later from Jim that he had obtained a croissant from another stand hand and wanted to pay, just wanted to pay, and kept waving his money around.  "He must be from the city," Jim noted.  Yes, must be.

It's nice to talk to the farmers and learn about how they raise their crops and about some of the unusual items they sell or how to prepare them.  Davidson's Exotic Mushrooms actually makes recipes from there mushrooms and have samples and recipe cards to share with the patrons.  This is such a nice touch and the recipes are always delicious!

While buying cherry tomatoes from one stand, I asked about romaine or other lettuce for our BLT sandwiches we had planned for lunch (not with the cherry tomatoes!) and were kindly referred to the hydroponics farmer.  We were, indeed able to obtain some beautiful butter crunch lettuce for our BLTs.  In this heat!

Right now, our plan is for roasted vegetables, with a little chicken for dinner.  All done on the grill for easy cleanup and yummy  taste!

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