Monday, August 15, 2011

Assess yourself before job searching

There are several different kinds of résumé s and you may have several versions, depending on where you are in the hiring process and/or what types of jobs you will be seeking. Before starting your résumé , though, you will want to identify your strengths, skills, and abilities.

Take the time to complete a SKILLS AND INTEREST ASSESSMENT like the one from Alpinelink or Rileyguide or Quintcareers which are helpful. Look up typical skills and abilities in In short, think about the following:

In terms of employment, what are you able to


Use (software/tools/equipment)?

In terms of your personal/community life, what are you able to


Use (software/tools/equipment)?

What do you really enjoy doing?

Where do you really enjoy being?

How do you like to communicate?

What do you feel strongly about?

What do you think about?

How would your closest friends/family describe you (then ask them and add to the list)?

How would your current or most recent coworkers/fellow students describe you (then ask them and add to the list)?

What job would you most like to have?

Where would you most like to work?

What are some of your weaknesses or something you have to work on to be your best?

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