Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cost of Living at the Beach - Too High?

This morning, on the radio, I hear put to numbers what I kind of already knew.... We pay more for stuff here at the beach!  I didn't know the cost of living for Lewes, DE was over 48% higher than the national average. Nor did I know (but I had a feeling) that Rehoboth Beach, DE cost of living is even higher - 55% over the national average .

The information is coming from an article about retiring in Delaware by MarketWatch and outlines the upside - lower taxes, living by the water a quieter lifestyle.  All good to great reasons to live at the beach!  But does the benefit outweigh the expense.

Yes.  Simple as that.  Here we have a lifestyle not so available to many American's or even East Coasters.  In a relatively, rural setting with nearby shopping, recreation and cities just far enough away to make a daily commute nothing (unless you are commuting to one of the cities about two hours away, which some do!).

The taxes are relatively cheap and the air, water, and ground relatively clean.  Some of the people are not that clean, being farmers, construction workers, or chicken plant employees and the like, but they are all good and nice people for the most part.

We can still scrap out a living even if there are few or no jobs.  I know many people that work as Special Education Teachers and retail workers on the side just to afford living here.  Others have their own businesses or a business on the side to augment a job.  A lot of my clients are retiree's who move here and decide they still want to work or own a business and they set about to do just that.

God bless all the hospitality workers who serve us so well and quickly and always with a smile.  We tip more than most, I guess, knowing how hard it is to make a living here (especially in the off season).  But, like everything else there is good value to what we get back.

Maybe not so much of an off season any more.  Often, if the weekend is nicer than normal, even during the winter, we notice an uptick in the traffic and the people and the number of businesses open.  All good stuff. Keep it coming!

Things do change some as people come, even just for a visit or for the summers.  In the end it does add to our community literally and figuratively, I think.  I don't like it when people, either "locals" or "transplants" complain about the changes, though.

People, times, and things change - it is either that or remain stagnant.  The bottom line is... it's better here than anywhere and if you don't think so, don't live here.  I'm glad you're here!

What to you love most about living where you do?

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