Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Give It 100 Days

I just found out about and began using a new site - Giveit100.com.  It prompts you to record a 10 minute video to validate your efforts toward learning or doing something important to you.  The theory is that through the continued effort (100 days - not necessarily consecutive) and the documentation of same via video you will reinforce the development of whatever good habit you are trying to acquire.  I think it's a good one and am trying it out for myself by Walking 1 mile to the Delaware Bay everyday and learning Spanish via online and books (of which I have a ton!:-).

I'll keep you posted!  How about you?  What good habit would you like to take on? Let me know!

Give it 100 - Mary Sevinsky https://giveit100.com/@MarySevinsky #giveit100 via @giveit100

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