Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Hot Day on Delmarva!

Not sure if it will be 94, 97, or over 100 degrees (again!) today... One thing is for sure - it is going to be HOT. AND, it might thunderstorm.

We are currently paralyzed and have no idea if we should bike to the beach for a swim, go to the State Fair, or visit a fine local establishment for a refreshing cocktail in cooling air conditioning.

Thrown into the mix is the fact that we visited the new Touch of Italy on Second Street in Lewes, Delaware. Finally! We have stopped by several times, but it is always so packed we have given up. Too quickly it seems.

The prosciutto(s),I didn't know there was more than one kind, are out of this world delicious. So, we will have some wrapped around melon and fig purchased at the Historic Lewes Farmers Market and some cucumber and tomato (from our garden) sandwiches on Kogler Old World whole wheat bread.

For dinner? Smoked pork tenderloin. We are currently considering a garlic brown sugar marinade that includes a touch of tobasco. I bought carrots and turnips last week at the market and was able to find a recipe for a combination mash - I plan to add a granny smith to the recipe!

Jim just made us some fresh squeezed lemonade - yum.... We may not leave the house!

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