Life on Delmarva

April 2012

The Osprey have been back about a month now and the White Throated sparrow that usually migrates has been here at least two weeks!  Hope it stays this time! 

Illustration: White-throated sparrow
Illustration by Diane Pierce

This woodland sparrow of the East frequents feeders or feeds along woodland edges, darting for cover if disturbed. It may reemerge in response to pishing and can occur in large flocks (up to 150) in winter. Monotypic. Length 6.8" (17 cm).

Identification Conspicuously outlined white throat; mostly dark

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March 2012

The time change means more outside time, to be sure!  I refilled my bird feeder and watched the squirrels take turns cleaning it out again... sigh!  We have our seeds sprouting on the back porch and are getting the garden beds ready for planing. The Osprey's will be here soon - I can't wait for that. 

February 2012

We continue in piano lessons with the Music School of Delaware - just started the second semester!  We are playing songs with both hands and I am struggling to learn the chords.... Jim is having an easier time since he plays the guitar!

Here are some resources for learning piano online, if you are not up for committing to an in person program (although I do recommend it!)

January flew by and remained unseasonably warm....

December 2011

60s in December - darned right!  Caught a short rockfish, some rays, and a relaxing afternoon!

Delaware Sea Turtles Hatch!

To tell you the truth I was a little worried they wouldn't hatch after having been laid so far north of normal and THEN MOVED!  But here are two little guys that made it....  Check out the live cam for more little ones!

November, 2011
Well it certainly does feel like Slower Lower Delaware now that the cold weather and short days have set in!  Can't say we miss the lack of traffic, although it was VERY BUSY around town this weekend - a lot of folks in for the Holidays, I guess!

A new local effort caught my eye this week - not too sure what to make of it, but will try to like it!

A new Delaware Business geared toward Tourism and Marketing (two of my favorite things!).
Delaware302 offers a place to share stories, links and photos of all things Delaware:

Had hoped to get to the Ferry Bar this weekend, but alas, no! Between the weather and just enjoying being home, we never actually left the house. The Kalmar Nyckel is there all month, so will make sure to get there soon.....

Still looking forward to our next visit to the Ferry Bar, but was lucky enough to be boat fishing out by the Ferry Wall when the Kalmar sailed right past us! Will post pictures as soon as I upload from my digital camera - very impressive!

Here are a few of the pictures I took while fishing at the Ferry Wall:

And this one of a cormorant stretching it's wings:

Missed the Perseids considering the late time, weather, and full moon! Found some great shots on, though!

On a related note, NASA Wallops Island is completely worth friending and following!